Clear / Delete Invoices Extension

Huge Magento databases with 3rd party integration orders can have data integrity check issues. Sometime, 3rd party module that update sales database make a wrong records.

In example, we experienced with m2e extension problem, that it create blank invoices for orders, that happen rarely, however, it painful, when admin open order details and do not see attached invoice.

Evenmore, when invoices database is corrupted, admin cannot create new invoice for order, because database report about duplicate integrity check. This is why, new extension created, that help admin to clear invoices errors.


New extension create option for admin to delete all invoice records associated with order. That fix integrity duplicate error in case uncompleted invoice posted to sales database by third party software.

Below a sample of admin interface with new button option to call action
Clear Invoices Button for Admin

Simply one click extension doing invoices job.

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